Fear & Art & My New Shop

Fear. Elizabeth Gilbert says you can’t live without it, but recommends you tell it to pipe down and keep quiet. This is a work in progress for me.

So, I ordered an art printer, and set a date to open an Etsy shop. December 1st – that’s in 4 hours. I went through my art, I made some new pieces, I tweaked and repainted ones that were good, but not good enough. I have test printed dozens, and tried to get the word out there. 

Fear keeps whispering: “Who is going to even look, let alone buy?!” And I keep saying: “Shut it, man!” Because the thing is, the worst thing that happens is that I don’t sell anything and I get to use this fancy printer all for myself. 

I’ve changed the way I approach making art. I’ve been working – soul work – to make art JUST for me. It’s always better that way. And I figure, if it’s better, someone else might want it in their world, too. So I am putting it out there to them, whoever they are, so that they can have a slice of my happy art. 

The truth is, I’m terrified! When you put your art and ideas out there, you are vulnerable. You’re open to the criticism of strangers and you worry when no one shares or likes or comments. But the bigger truth is: my soul is begging me to expand my making, and share my positive vibes with a larger audience. So, here we go.

Fear wants us to fail. It wants us to doubt and curl up and watch Netflix until we are zombies. Don’t get me wrong – I love a good Netflix binge – but I love making stuff (up) more. So I am sticking it to Fear and going ahead and posting my listings and offering a bit of my own magic to anyone who wants it. 


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