About The Creative Daddy

I am Creative Daddy. I’m a daddy and husband to the best family in the world (sorry, I know you think yours is, but it’s actually mine). We’re do-it-ourselves, cloth-diaper-loving, let-him-get-dirty kind of people. We work hard, play hard, love hard and sometimes we sleep, too.

I’m also an artist, writer, teacher/researcher (investigating learning processes right now), gardener, renovator, ukulele and guitar player (and sometimes, piano), and a reader. I love to eat and I love to cook, and I love (most of the time) our dogs. I tolerate the cat.

This blog covers:

  • Creative Activities for babies, toddlers & kids (music, art, etc.)
  • Creative Teaching theory, ideas & lesson plans
  • Creative Parent Stuff: because sometimes, it’s about the parents. As an author/illustrator, I share my process here.
  • Anything in the Venn Diagram of Kids & Creativity. SO if you’re a parent, kid lit creator, teacher or librarian … this blog is for you.



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